SHIVER Double Feature

Massive story action with SHIVER Blockbuster & gruesome tales with SHIVER Slasher


What is SHIVER?

Make your own classic

SHIVER is an award winning tabletop roleplaying game that lets you bring the worlds of your favourite Films, TV shows, and books to life. Always wanted a sequel? Thought the ending was bad? Re-write the stories, delve deep into the worlds you love and create your own cult classics.


Want to give SHIVER a try?

No Clunky Maths

SHIVER’s unique symbolic dice system keeps you immersed in the game. No complex calcualtions just choices.

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No Limitations

Play the stories you want to play as any character you like. SHIVER is setting neutral, so you can play any type of story you want.

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No Delay

Character creation is quick and easy and the rules are short and simple to let you get stuck right into your story as quickly as possible.

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Wear the Scare

Love SHIVER’s art?
Well now you can wear it!

Check out our new range of SHIVER Apparel. All sustainbly produced so it only scares your friends and not the planet.

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Our Team

Charlie Menzies

Lead Designer

The idea for SHIVER came from Charlie’s love of Horror Movies, TV, and Comics. With nearly a decade of experience in the Film and TV industry he’s here to bring the big screen to the tabletop.

Barney Menzies

Production & Marketing Manager

The other half of the Menzies brother pair. Barney has worked in the games industry for over a decade in areas spanning from marketing and content creation to now running 7th City Collectables an online tabletop games retail store and a FLGS in Nottingham, UK.

Ben Alexander

Art Director

Ben is our art lead extrodinairre. Initially joining as a playtester we quickly cottoned on that Ben’s art was perfect for SHIVER and he joined the team. His vibrant style fills the books and really brings the world to life!

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