Create Amazing Stories

Bring your favourite strange & scary worlds from Film & TV to the Tabletop with SHIVER.

What is SHIVER?

Make your own classic

SHIVER is an award winning tabletop roleplaying game that brings the worlds of your favourite Films, TV shows, and books to life. Always wanted a sequel? Thought the ending was bad? Re-write the stories, delve deep into the worlds you love and create your own cult classics.


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No Clunky Maths

SHIVER’s unique symbolic dice system keeps you immersed in the game. No complex calcualtions just choices.

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No Limitations

Play the stories you want to play as any character you like. SHIVER is setting neutral, so you can play any type of story you want.

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No Delay

Character creation is quick and easy and the rules are short and simple to let you get stuck right into your story as quickly as possible.

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